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Butte is unlike any place on Earth. But you already knew that, am I right?

Whether you're scarfing a pork chop sandwich at John's (only the uptown location will do) or re-creating your great-grandma's secret pasty recipe (meat and potatoes baby, none of that fancy crap). Your pride in Butte is like an insane Seahawks fan - if only it was appropriate to paint your face in copper and green every day! But instead, you browse through "the Internets" looking for images of Butte- so that your out-of-state colleagues, college buddies or your wife can actually SEE what you mean when you say "Butte, America" (no, not Montana, dummy, AMERICA!)

Look no further. Your Butte pride? Is right here. Pride in mining. Pride in architecture. Pride in pasties, peeling paint, the Pekin. But most of all, pride in the people. You know it, I know, this community is just that good.


About Lisa Edwards

Chugger of Iced Mocha's, wife and mother of 3 rambunctious boys (4 if you count my husband), lover of roaming alleys and finding hidden treasures like wooden sidewalks in Butte.

I love all things industrial landscape, all things historical, all things with stories. Including people - people have stories too, and the layers are often harder to discover than those of a city.

Butte Daily Photo is my side gig, next to my commercial & portrait photography business, Lisa Wareham Photography, and teaching business, Photo Bacon. All three combine my passion for stories, love of learning new things, & talent for explaining things with words and photos that are hard to explain.



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